Welcome to the next generation of the web hosting !

Our vision

We propose speed, quality and flexible web hosting because the web server are powerful and because the Open Source are the best tools to build a web site.

Our commitment

At Cabo Hosting, we are commited to make speed web hosting for your web site and to propose Open Source with free instant installation to build your web site.

What do you need?


  • web space
  • speed service
  • fast network
  • on-line tools
  • good support

Web Space
Unlimited web space to forget the size of your web site and because most of the web site have a size between 200Mo and 2 Go so our price is realistic.
Speed access
At Cabo Hosting, we used top hardware to power your web site to make a speed access for all your visitors because today the web servers are very powerful.
Fast Network
At Cabo Hosting, we use the top network from our provider which is one of the world leader in Internet data centrers, web servers and world web network.
On-line tools
The offer comes with professional on-line tools with top reconignition in the Internet world : cPanel, Softaculous, CentOS. They are the best tools to build a web site.
Good Support
At Cabo Hosting, we provide passionate support with quick answer to every question to help you and to make you better into building your web site.
Simple Contract
At Cabo Hosting, you start with one month, you have the free choice to continue month by month or to switch to one year payment.

Our arguments

A fair price
Our price is fair and has a taste of revolution and it is a business price coming from our web hosting experience.
A revolutionnary server
The power of the web server increases every year and we simply share the evolution of the technology to serve the web site into the best conditions.
We take care of your web site
We pay a lot of attention to the conditions of the sites that we host. We take care of every web server as if it was unique. We are diffirent from “all the same”.
We have 99% uptime
With a fine monitoring of the ressource consumption of each servers, we regulary have 100% of up time. Our job is to master speed sites on powerful server.
Our servers are up to date
We update our servers everyday. We use the web industry standard software to update the servers everyday and to stay at the top of the security and evolution.
Speed hosting
Our servers are not overloaded so we can provide speed hosting and your web site has a speed display like on a dedicated server.
Quality service
We love to support customers and to answer to the questions. We like that the server are running silently without any issue. That is our quality target.
Flexible configuration
We can provide flexibility to satisfy all your needs. We can host classical web site and special web site.
Top network
We use one of the best network in the world. We provide fine site location into Europe and in Norh America. The network is improved every month.