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Shared Hosting

Get fast and secure hosting for personal blog, small and medium sites.

Starting from

€2.50 /Mo

Reseller Hosting

Manage multiple hosting accounts for your business on our web reseller platform.

Starting from

€18.00 /Mo

VPS Hosting

Full power shared hosting, cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers.

Starting from

€24.90 /Mo

Dedicates Servers

Ultimate solution for those who require a large amount of power and security.

Starting from

€112.00 /Mo

WordPress Hosting

Whether you’re new to WordPress or a veteran, our  WordPress hosting service delivers security, performance, reliabiliy while staying committed to the environment. Something you can feel good about.

Starting from

€18.00 /Mo

Starting from

€18.00 /Mo

With features such as 2x faster load time, an intuitive dashboard, flawless resource management and data-mirroring, Cloud Hosting enables you to grow along with your growing business needs.

Cloud Hosting

Secure your website by a Comodo SSL Certificate.

  • Increased Customer Confidence
  • Increase SEO rankings

  • Rock-solid Security
  • Google will love your website

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