Network Uptime Service Level Agreement

CaboHosting guarantees 99.9% network uptime to customers.

99.9% Network Uptime

may be defined as the availability of the network from the internet across the globe 100% of the time.

Network Downtime

may be defined as CaboHosting’s network unavailability (excluding maintenance period) for continuous 15 minutes of time with no internet traffic to the server as verified by the support team at CaboHosting. Downtime is determined from the time when the affected customer raises a support ticket to the timeCaboHosting considers the problem as resolved.

Exclusions To Network Sla

There are a number of situations that are beyond CaboHosting’s control and are therefore not covered in this SLA. These include:

Software Maintenance

In case CaboHosting is managing your server, then software will be updated occasionally for addressing performance or security issues. We will ensure that you don’t experience downtime during this update process but we may not be able to guarantee this every time and for all situations.

Hardware Maintenance

CaboHosting will try to reduce any downtime in rare events when your dedicated server hardware needs replacement or maintenance. However, any downtime resulting from such maintenance will not be accounted for in our network SLA.

Network Maintenance

CaboHosting will promptly notify you of any upcoming maintenance through maintenance announcements on your member panel and through CaboHosting Network Status. However, it is the responsibility of the customer to stay updated with the latest information by continuously checking CaboHosting’s emails, member panel’s announcement section and CaboHosting Network Status. It is to be noted that these maintenance periods will not be covered under SLA credits.

Web Hosting Panel Issues

In case you experience downtime due to automatic update of any web hosting panel related software, then CaboHosting will try to resolve it but is unable to promise a resolution time.

Judicial Proceedings

If some legal action is initiated against a CaboHosting customer, then CaboHosting will act according to the law and this SLA will stand void in such case.

Malicious Attacks

In case of any DDoS attck or third party attack against a customer’s server or CaboHosting’s network, every possible step will be taken to counter the attack but a resolution time cannot be guaranteed in such cases.